A lovely group of friends decided to treat one of their number to a creative journalling birthday party for her 30th. It was a courageous thing to do in many ways: they kept it as a surprise for the birthday girl, so had no idea how she would react. It was the first party I’ve run at Creative Journalling UK so booking up with me was a leap of faith on their part. And they were mostly new to the idea of creative journalling. Having said that, they certainly weren’t novices in the crafting world: one was a scrapbooker, one was obviously experienced with pens and paint and another had been to one of my Bible Journalling workshops. But the thing that made the party such a success was this: they were all prepared to have a go and get stuck in with the materials provided. That’s all you need really. From papers to paint, glue to glitter, they gave it all a try and came up some beautiful pages.

The other thing that really struck me about this gorgeous group was the bond between them. Along with another (who has now moved away and was sadly unable to make it to the workshop), this group had been together since High School. They are now all married and are bringing up their children as friends. As part of the workshop we made a big card for the birthday girl with a panel from each of the group. Even the one who was absent had sent a message to be copied onto the card and they all brought photographs of their friend at various key moments. So in amongst the journalling, all the friends got busy and the finished piece was a beautiful creation which I hope the birthday girl will treasure. I realised again that you can’t buy shared history. It is such a precious thing and real friends are something to treasure above all else.

The cake they brought to have with our tea and coffee also deserves a mention. Chosen by the daughter of one of the group it was a beautiful rainbow-centred unicorn. Not quite a giraffe (a favourite motif of the birthday girl), but hopefully there were enough of those around in the rest of the workshop!

So THANK YOU for having your party with Creative Journalling and loads of love and many happy returns to you all!

For information about craft & journalling-related birthday parties and hen dos for up to 10 people, Email Jane.

How do you celebrate your birthday?

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