Have you chosen a ‘word for the year’?

I’ve been choosing a word for several years now. I’m not the only one – I’ve noticed that it’s becoming increasingly popular – there are whole websites dedicated to the idea these days! I find it helpful – not only as a guide and inspiration in what I want to do and who I want to be, but as a guard against things that are not my priority. I often think that knowing what not to do is more important than knowing what I should be doing! It’s so easy to end up using my limited time and energy in ways that ultimately stop me being who I really want to be.

So I set my word and the use it as measure. Will this activity promote the life in that word? Or will it detract from it? How can the word inform my decisions and development. What do I need to do practically to embody this word in the way I live this year?

So how to find a word: sometimes it comes easily – once you start thinking about your focus and priorities it’s obvious. Sometimes the word finds you! Sometimes you just need to set a deadline and if nothing has come up by then, look for a list of possibilities (search ‘word for the year’ online) and then simply choose something – anything that resonates. Sometimes it’s tempting to go for more than one. Last year I fell into this trap. I couldn’t decide between ‘nourish’ and ‘flourish’ so ended up with both! It was a mistake. I didn’t really get the full goodness out of either of them.

Once you have your word, write it out. Everywhere. Diary, planner, journal, notebooks the lot! Explore it. Make friends with it. The first thing I do is to make a journal page with colours and images, and then make another one, and maybe a few more after that! This gets me exploring different angles. Craft with it, illuminate it, spell it out. Carry it with you and see where it takes you. Document the journey in your journal – you might be surprised at what comes out of it!

Watch my process video here:

Word for the year

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