If you’ve been over at the ‘Workshops’ section of the site or watching my Facebook page lately, you’ll know that I’m taking part in the Westival: ‘a wee festival of wellness’ in the beautiful Scottish Borders at the Old Schoolhouse near Cranshaws, Duns. I’ll be there all day on Sunday 23rd June with the Creative Journalling shop and am billed as running workshops ‘for mindfulness and positivity’ in the afternoon. You can see the whole programme here.

So what is ‘Journalling for mindfulness’ I hear you ask?

Last Monday I was cycling to work. My mind was full of worries and concerns. I hardly noticed the clear blue sky and the radiant sunshine or the fresh morning air. I was miles away, full of niggling thoughts and stress. And then I passed a bit of wasteland at the side of the cycle track and slammed on my brakes. It was merely a patch of rough grass, but decorated with the most stunningly red poppies – bright vermillion in the sunshine. I nearly missed it. I nearly whizzed right on past full of my angst for the day. But I stopped. I did see it, and so I stopped to savour the beauty of the moment: to feel the sun kissing my skin, to breathe in the smell of the trees, to look at the clear sky and to enjoy those flimsy little flowers that had brought me up short. Everything came into perspective. The day was fine – it was beautiful even. Nothing had happened to spoil it. So far it was just beautiful.

In a nutshell, that’s mindfulness! It’s stopping to notice. It’s savouring the moment for the good things it contains. Creative journalling helps us do that. It gets us into the habit of noticing the beautiful things, savouring and recording them. We enjoy them in the moment, and then we can also come back to them later, there on the pages of our journals. Come to the workshop and find out more!

If anyone’s interested in a similar workshop in Edinburgh drop me an email and I’ll organise something.

What is ‘Mindfulness Journalling’?

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