Hello and thanks for looking further into the website. I’m Jane, journaller, papercrafter, knitter, felter. I dabble in paint. I’ve been an obsessive crafter all my life. I’m a mother of 3 and live with my husband in Edinburgh. Here we have the sea and the hills all around so there’s plenty of inspiration when putting images together. I’m never happier than out on my bike with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair (under a helmet of course!)

I’ve battled with depression for years and started journalling to focus on the happy things. I find that colour and images affect my mood in a positive way – they create a strong and happy space out of which I can enjoy being the real me. I also practise Bible journalling and these two together have hauled me through some difficult times. It’ such a simple thing to do, but journalling brings joy in my experience.

I started Creative Journalling UK in 2017 to spread that journalling joy! I started with a workshop in my kitchen and have now expanded to a full programme throughout the year, a You Tube channel with simple demos, tutorials, and reviews, an Etsy shop selling supplies and journalling kits and a popular Facebook Page. Use this site to access our community, feel free to join us in whatever ways are helpful and I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Read on for some of the benefits of creative journalling and tips for getting started.

Creative Journalling:

  • Allows you to set aside a few minutes each day for creativity, gratitude and reflection.
  • Helps you focus on the positive things in life – things to celebrate and be thankful for whether ‘big’ or ‘small’.
  • Creates a lasting record of good things in life and stores happy memories for enjoying again later.
  • Is a great way of keeping your desk tidy! Just collect up all those little precious things (notes, images, photos) that have nowhere to go and stick them in.
  • Your journal is unique to you and you can create in it any way you want. You cannot get it ‘wrong’!

Tips for Getting Started with Creative Journalling:

  • Set aside a few minutes with your journal each day.
  • Gather up some supplies, e.g. washi tape, stickers, page flags, pens.
  • Collect any ephemera from your day: tickets, cut-outs from letters or magazines, till receipts – anything that will spark a memory of something that matters to you, anything that represents something to celebrate, or just something that looks nice to you and catches your eye for some reason.
  • Combine them on your page in any way you like.
  • Add words or quotes if you want to

Important thing to remember:

This is your journal. No one is judging you except you yourself. You can make a page in any way you like. You can experiement as much as you like. You cannot get it ‘wrong’. If you don’t like what you’ve done, try leaving it till the next day. It will almost certainly look better by then! If you really dislike part of a page, just stick something over it and carry on.

Some people find a blank page intimidating.  If so, you could

  • Put washi tape round the edges of your page. It adds colour, breaks the ice and immediately makes the page look more inviting.
  • Write the day and date. Experiment with different colours and lettering.
  • Add ephemera that represents different things in your day.
  • Use page flags as headings or labels.
  • Add pictures or phrases that inspire you or that represent things in your day that you’re grateful for. These can relate to the ‘little things’ of life as well as the big occasions.
  • Build up a collection of ephemera from leaflets and magazines or by copying / printing them from social media.
  • You can make use of anything including junk mail, wrapping paper, tourist leaflets etc.
  • Add anything else you like from stickers to fabric scraps.
  • If you feel like it, add paint, colouring in pen or pencil, or anything else.

Once you feel comfortable with the process, you can carry your journal around with you and add to it ‘on the go’. All you need is a plastic envelope or pouch with your journal, a pen, some small scissors and some glue.

Have fun with it all and let me know how you get on.

Jane x

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