Gratitude Journalling Kit

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Now at a lower price for the ideal Christmas present – Gratitude Journalling Kit with everything you need to get started.


This kit is all about enjoying life more, finding peace with yourself even in the most difficult of times, and celebrating the good things in life, however small. It’s an invitation to grow and look after yourself.

Gratitude journalling is a small thing with big outcomes! It has incredible benefits . It’s a scientifically proven way of improving your mental health, increasing resilience and helping you get the most out of life, however challenging it may be. It’s fun, creative, and anyone can do it. You don’t need to be artistic or good with words. It’s simply a matter of finding what works for you: your journal, your way in your own time.

Anyone can do it. You don’t have to be artistic or good with words. This kit shows you how.

The kit comes gift-packaged and gives you everything you need to get started with Gratitude Journalling:

  • 10-page A5 booklet ‘Gratitude Journalling: An Introduction’ with tips, guidance and information on the  benefits of spending a few moments every day reflecting on the things that make you happy
  • A5 journal with blank mixed-media paper
  • Washi tape
  • Sticky notes
  • Stickers
  • Thank-you charm

This would make an ideal Christmas present for someone who would appreciate more than just another ‘thing’. You will also be supporting a local business and creating more gratitude!

If you’re into Bible journalling, there’s a link on the back page of the booklet to free downloadable Bible notes.

Exact colours and designs may vary slightly. (Coffee and pens not included!)

Gratitude Journalling Kit


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